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How It Works

The service in a nutshell

MyManuscripts is a service dedicated to helping authors of fiction and non-fiction get published by connecting you with the right publishers and literary agents. Our aim is to help you achieve the dream of a traditional publishing deal.

So, how does it work? It’s simple, but powerful. You create a profile, upload and categorise submission documents and the work can then be viewed by all the publishers and literary agents who use our service.

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What Makes Us Tick

Our core values and why these are important.


With us, you get full transparency and a personal service. You can track the entire process from submitting your proposal through to seeing which publishers have taken an interest in your manuscript – and those who have chosen not to (and why).


We don’t support the trend of telling everybody that they have a book in them and that they’re great writers. We all know that not every book gets published. What we usually don’t know, though, is why. With My Manuscripts, you get the unedited truth, through our unique feedback loop.


We value passion above all else. It took passion for our founder to come up with MyManuscripts and give you a real shot at getting published, and it takes passion for a writer to translate their ideas into carefully crafted words on the page.


It’s a confusing world out there, made even more complex by the proliferation of information – and misinformation – on the internet. Who can you trust? We’re here to offer you as much support and guidance as we can.


We care about every single person who embarks on this journey – we have been there and done that. We know about the pitfalls, and we understand the disappointments and challenges you’ll face – as well as the thrill of achieving your dream.


Our pricing model is simple:

Everyone gets a free 28 day trial. Try the system out, get a feel for how it works and the value it offers. After the trial period, if you feel we have something to offer then we have a single pricing structure as follows:

Cost per month: £19.99 / $25.99 / €22.99

What do you get for your money? The following table provides you with a list of product features.

Updated profile
Upload multiple submissions
Upload 'ideas'
Receive 'Connect' requests
Support and advice
Automated System Matching
Included in automated system matching
Email notification when match made
Total number of matches report
Match history
See who has been looking at you*
Publisher/literary agent feedback
Publisher/literary agent searches
Appear in publisher/literary agent searches
Receive notifications
Total number of matches
Detailed match history
See who has been looking at you*
Publisher/literary agent feedback

*Though it needs to be noted that publishers and literary agents have the option to choose not to appear.