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  • Streamline Your Business

    Streamline Your Business

    Use this service to filter all your submissions. Direct hopeful writers to your account on MyManuscripts and get all submissions filtered so you only receive relevant submissions.

  • Money Saving

    Money Saving

    Using this service you will significantly reduce your workload and stop the hundreds of irrelevant book submissions by hopeful authors. Reduce your staffing overheads and become more efficient.

  • Targeted


    By directing all submissions to your MyManuscripts account, you will only get submissions which match exactly the categories of book types you publish and want to hear about.

  • Controllable


    You can control the number of submissions you receive. You tell us how many you want to receive each week and we will automatically impose a limit.

How It Works

  • How It Works

    Create Free Account
    Once you create your free account, MyManuscripts will create a segmentation and targeting mechanism. Should MyManuscripts find a match, you will receive an email with an overview, introduction and synopsis

  • How It Works

    Streamline Your Submissions
    Through your website, you direct all writer submissions to your MyManuscripts account. By using Mymanuscripts you can control what you receive and how often you want to receive them

  • How It Works

    Receive Submissions
    You receive only relevant writer submissions for review via email with a short synopsis. If you want to know more you simply click a button to request more info

  • How It Works

    Identify Opportunities
    If you see something you like, you notify the writer of your interest via the MyManuscript platform, the writer gets a notification of this and is provided with your contact details. You are now connected to your next best selling author!