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MyManuscripts.com is a combination of like minded writers and digital experts who have come together to create a platform to help remove the heartache a writers goes through at the same time as removing burden for agents to help them (and you) find their next big thing.

Founder - Norm Thomas

Norm is a project manager by trade. He has run small, medium and large projects including Global projects and been responsible for implementing change across many organisations.

Norm is also an aspiring writer. “If I am a Project Manager by trade then I am a writer at heart. In fact, I have been attempting to get published since about 1995. I have tried self-publishing and managed to sell a couple of hundred books for a novel called ‘The Adventures of Angel 6549’. Like a lot of budding authors I have received literally hundreds of rejection letters.”

In Norm’s opinion, the current process for submitting novels is too cumbersome and hit and miss. ‘Based on what Publishers and Agents are telling us they receive huge volumes of new submissions each week, many of these sent to them incorrectly (e.g. people sending them crime novels when they only do Fantasy).

So, the chances of them being able to pick out my novel in amongst all of this seems ridiculously low.’ Based on his experience Norm came up with the idea of changing the way budding authors and agents/publishers interact.

Digital Expertise

We have worked with leading digital experts to define and create a publisher solution which addresses many of the issues that publishers and literary agents face. MyManuscripts platform has a host of smart technical functionality which we believe is a market-leading platform. We want you to have it for free while we are in this beta phase.

If you would like to know more about out us, please contact us at scribe@mymanuscripts.com

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