OUR service that will provide you, the next best writer in your field with one simple platform where you can submit your manuscript. Add your work just once and our advanced technology will ensure it gets in front of the correct literary agents for your field or genre.

No more mud at the wall

- We will only send your manuscript to an agent who will be interested in your work.
- Publishers and literary agents will only review work that is relevant to them (often, your work is buried in a pile of submissions – many of these incorrectly sent or categorised).
- Our service will be loved by publishers and agents (they have already told us this) as it saves them time and means they get to their next big hit sooner!

No more hours of research and submissions:
- We already have the top 80% of all literary agents and publishers in every sector in our database and we are adding new ones all the time.
- No more hours of reading through the many, many guide books and web sites and support service offerings.
- No more compiling each submission with print outs, cover letters and stamped self-addressed envelopes.
- No more having to wait for the dreaded rejection via return post with the spectre of having to start the process all over again.

No more staring at an empty email inbox:
- You get notifications in your account when an Agent or publisher has opened your communications. - You can get contacted directly via our platform or they can contact you directly. What next?
If you would like to create an account or ask any questions, please contact us at