The service in a nutshell

MyManuscripts is a service dedicated to helping authors of fiction and non-fiction get published by connecting you with publishers and literary agents who are genuinely looking for works to publish (we know because we have spoken to them). Focusing on independent publishers as well as those literary agents who are looking for unique and diverse voices, our aim is to help you achieve the dream of a traditional publishing deal – a physical book in a bookstore placed there through the marketing efforts of your publisher.

So, how does it work?
It’s simple, but powerful.
You create a profile, categorize your work and then upload a set of submission documents that clearly identify and showcase your submission. Once this is complete your work can then be viewed by all the publishers and literary agents who use our service and with whom your work matches.

If a publisher or agent likes your work, they will ask us to ‘Connect’ with you and we will provide them with your nominated contact method. We leave it to you and the publisher or agent to decide what is next. And should a publisher or agent match with you and then decide your work is not for them, we ask them to provide you with feedback.
Give you some real feedback that you can take away and build on.

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