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How It Works

The Nuts and Bolts

MyManuscripts is a service dedicated to connecting writers and authors with publishers and literary agents. Through the introduction of ‘profiles’ for both the authors and publishers/literary agents, ‘matches’ can be made when certain criteria are met. Below are details of the key features of the MyManuscripts portal service.

Your Profile

Your profile is like a shop window. Like a shop window, it’s what you put on display that gets you noticed. It’s the detail and quality in your profile and the supporting information you provide that makes the difference. Get your profile right and you put yourself in the best possible place to get your work noticed.

Type Of Submissions

We have publishers and literary agents looking for a huge range of fiction and non-fiction work. This covers everything from education, self-help and how-to-books through to fiction, for children and adults and everyone in between, across a wide range of genres!

System Matching

It’s in the categorisation that all the magic happens. By identifying the category of your work (fiction or non-fiction), your target audience and finally the genre of your work, you enable matches to be made with publishers and/or literary agents who are looking for your type of work. Our system constantly scans your profile and associated information, looking for matches with appropriate publishers and literary agents.


We have talked in depth to publishers and literary agents around the world. Almost to a person they said that the ability to conduct a database search of our authors would be key to them using our website. So the system has an inbuilt powerful search function allowing publishers and literary agents to filter by just about any criteria. This means there is yet another way that your work can be discovered!

Publishers and Literary Agents

We have a fantastic relationship with a select group of publishers and literary agents who are genuinely looking for works to publish. Inclusive, bold and open to new ideas our publishers are from many parts of the world including the US and the UK.


Screening is the process that ensures your submission documents (introduction, synopsis/overview and sample chapters/outline) have been professionally reviewed. Publishers and literary agents unanimously agree that properly structured and presented submissions greatly improve a writer’s chances of getting published. To this end, we have created a process that assists you in finding an editor and then, once a review and update of your work is complete, you simply update your profile.

Empowering Through Feedback

The typical 'thanks but no thanks' pro forma responses to submissions can be particularly frustrating and tell you nothing about why your work was not accepted. We aim to change that. As well as informing you when you have a match we will provide productive feedback should your submission not be taken up. Publishers and literary agents will provide data on where you might be going wrong and how you can improve. MyManuscripts will also tell you which parts of your submission were read, and/or at what point they stopped reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile is made up of four key areas. Firstly, there is your personal bio and associated information. Secondly, there is your publishing history – have you published or self-published anything before?

Next is your 'other' writing history – have you won any writing competitions or had an article published in a newspaper or magazine? Lastly, there is your actual submission or submissions - what have you written, who is it targeted at etc.

There are three key individual documents that make up your submission documents. If you have a manuscript these are your introduction letter, your synopsis and your first three sample chapters. If you are putting forward an idea, these documents are your introduction letter, your overview and your outline chapters.

We cater for this as well. Simply choose the ‘idea’ option in the Submissions section. You will need to provide an introduction letter, an overview of the book and outline chapters.

Miscategorisation is a common problem faced by publishers and literary agents. It occurs when an author sends a submission to a publisher or literary agent for work that they are not looking for. A simple example is a publisher looking for fiction work targeted at children who is sent a non-fiction book for adults on how to build a bicycle.

We know from many conversations that we have had with publishers and literary agents that the single biggest problem they have is the volume of submissions sent to them every week. Now consider how frustrating and time consuming it is when a proportion of those are miscategorised. Often it takes a while before this becomes obvious and they still need to respond. This is time that could be better spent determining if a properly categorised piece of work is worth publishing.