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Our Story

What makes us happy?

At MyManuscripts we believe in old-fashioned physical books. We love them. We love browsing in bookstores and along other peoples’ book shelves. We love admiring jacket covers - we even love the smell of books.

We’re not against eBooks or audio books, they’re just not our focus. What we want to do is to champion the traditional publishing deal that results in a book on a shelf in a book store! A real book that you can show to your friends and colleagues or take with you when you go on speaking tours.


What do we see as the biggest challenges?

We believe that there are a lot of you out there with a story to tell, advice to give or a passion to share. We don’t think it’s right that many of you will never have the opportunity to tell that story or to pass on your knowledge. This is because the process of getting a publisher or literary agent to even look at a manuscript, far less critically analyse it or publish it, can be a protracted and often fruitless exercise. For most writers, the rejection pile is a depressing stack of ‘thank you, but no thank you’ letters with little indication as to why the work has been rejected.

On the other side of the fence, for publishers and literary agents finding that next publishable manuscript must sometimes feel like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. MyManuscripts has been created to improve the submission presentation process for both authors and publishers, to help both parties achieve the goal of a traditional publishing deal.


What are we going to do about it?

To do this we have developed an online portal that connects you directly with publishers and literary agents who are genuinely and actively looking for works to publish. We ensure that your work is matched directly with publishers and literary agents specifically looking for voices like yours, on subjects that you write about, whether fiction or non-fiction. In the case of a rejection, we have implemented a constructive process to allow publishers and literary agents to feedback specifically on what was not right for them and on how you might improve your submission.

To ensure you have the best possible chance of a publishing deal we have developed relationships with a wide range of literary agents and publishers – particularly independents - who share our vision. They are all looking for that unique voice, that manuscript that has potential, and believe that in working in partnership with us you have a better chance of getting a result.

We can’t guarantee you that you will get published but what we can say is that we will help you to learn and improve your chances of getting that deal.

Our People

Our team is an eclectic collection of like-minded people from across the globe. We like to think that in the age of the global village we epitomise the opportunity to collaborate across locations and ethnicity.

Norm Thomas

Founder and CEO

As founder and CEO, Norm is the driving force behind MyManuscripts. With a history of senior management roles including a number of global, blue chip organisations, Norm has now decided to focus his efforts on his passion, writing.

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Guna Meldere

Visual Marketing Lead

Guna has one of the best jobs within MyManuscripts – she gets to work on all the cool stuff like the Avatars and animations. In fact, Guna has been the driving force behind all the visual imagery used by MyManuscripts.

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What Makes Us Tick

Our core values and why these are important.


With us, you get full transparency and a personal service. You can track the entire process from submitting your proposal through to seeing which publishers have taken an interest in your manuscript – and those who have chosen not to (and why).


We don’t support the trend of telling everybody that they have a book in them and that they’re great writers. We all know that not every book gets published. What we usually don’t know, though, is why. With My Manuscripts, you get the unedited truth, through our unique feedback loop.


We value passion above all else. It took passion for our founder to come up with MyManuscripts and give you a real shot at getting published, and it takes passion for a writer to translate their ideas into carefully crafted words on the page.


It’s a confusing world out there, made even more complex by the proliferation of information – and misinformation – on the internet. Who can you trust? We’re here to offer you as much support and guidance as we can.


We care about every single person who embarks on this journey – we have been there and done that. We know about the pitfalls, and we understand the disappointments and challenges you’ll face – as well as the thrill of achieving your dream.

Our Founders Story

Or, how on earth did we get here?

Where did it all begin?

Our founder, Norm, has been an aspiring writer for more than 30 years. It was in Australia in the 1980s that he believed that he finally had a manuscript ready to send to a publisher. He had always felt he had it in him to get published. It took resilience, determination and passion to spend those 30 years trying, but ultimately failing, to get published. Despite his best efforts, Norm never received that call, email or fax expressing interest. Instead, the pile of impersonal rejection letters grew, offering no idea as to where he was going wrong. Those responses bothered him for decades.


Was there another way?

After resorting to self-publishing, which left him out of pocket and still without a presence in bookstores, Norm decided to shift his focus in a significant way. He went from wanting to get published himself, to looking into the ways in which aspiring authors link up with publishers and literary agents could be improved. Could he use his skills and background in technology and project management to bring about a fundamental change?

Norm has always felt that the key problem, from a budding author’s perspective, is that you rarely ever get feedback as to why your work is not accepted. The publishers and literary agents are just too busy to be able to provide the feedback authors desperately need if they are to improve their work and increase their chances of being published.

With the realisation that he might just have a solution which would benefit not only would-be authors but also lessen the initial workload for publishers and literary agents, the idea behind MyManuscripts was born.